About us

We are on a mission to create experiences around payments

Plex means “having parts or units”. For us, the plex philosophy signifies connecting the various parts and units at the centre, a force that unites us all in common.

Our Mission

Plex is part of our larger mission at Fetcch where we are solving the hard problem of making web3 payments seamless and accessible for the neo-financial world. As a part of the same mission, we’ve incubated Plex as a dedicated loyalty product to enable experiences around payments.

Current loyalty and rewards programs are transactional and are considered cost centers for most companies. However, that is no longer enough, and the system needs to change.

Plex introduces a new loyalty management system helping brands elevate one-dimensional rewards programs into multi-dimensional utility and customized experiences for communities.Consumers deserve to be rewarded better for spending their hard earned money and we want to enable that future.

Meet the founders




Satyam Kulkarni

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