Where every hard-earned point is a portal to more

Plex is crafted to unlock a new paradigm for your rewards. We are creating a world beyond points where loyalty unlocks not just rewards, but adventures and experiences.

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Hashkey Capital
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Making loyalty rewarding again

Plex crafts extraordinary rewards ecosystems turning every user action into unexpected delight. Create a future where loyalty rewards unlock more value, connection and enjoyment for brands and consumers.


Create your loyalty program with ease with simple SDKs and APIs.


Open doors to greater engagement, personalized campaigns, and enhanced choice for consumers.


Enjoy experiential rewards that reward you in more ways than one.

Grow Effortlessly with the Multi-Plex Advantage

Create Viral No-code Campaigns

The Plex SDK comes with a no-code campaign builder letting anyone create, deploy, edit and customise campaigns for virality, engagement and growth

Reward All Actions Your Way

Deploy scalable growth marketing campaigns with built-in support for Twitter and Farcaster. Use the right mix of on and off chain actions for your community

Supercharge the Value of your Points

Empower points with cross-chain functionality, DEX liquidity, and custom derivative products to 10x their value

Unlock Consumer Choice with Cross-Brand Redemption

Leverage Plex Community Loyalty Management (CLM) to let point holders redeem rewards across more products in your partner ecosystem

Leverage Advanced Data Analytics

Plex's unified dashboard provides a complete view of campaigns enabling data-driven improvements and targeted rewards for the most loyal fans

Customise On-chain Points Programs

Launch a fully customisable on-chain points system compatible with nearly all EVM and non-EVM chains for your project’s unique purpose

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